Base of Operations

Vancouver, British Columbia

Historic Boundary Bay Airport

Air West Charters base is located at the Boundary Bay Airport (map) in Delta, BC, which is only a short 20 minute drive from Vancouver International Airport, making air travel from Metro Vancouver easy and convenient. Originally established in 1941 by the Royal Canadian Air Force, Boundary Bay Airport was used as a training base for pilots during the Second World War. The airport was closed in 1979, but re-opened 4 years later in 1983 after it became apparent that the Vancouver International Airport was not able to handle the increasing volume of general aviation and commercial air traffic. Today, the airport is home to several flight training institutions as well as other general aviation companies.

Boundary Bay Airport:

Convenience and Accessibility

Travelling through Vancouver International Airport comes at the expense of long waiting times and inconvenient security screening. Flying through Abbotsford Airport can be equally frustrating, as it is a significant distance from most of Metro Vancouver. Boundary Bay strikes the perfect balance of accessibility, convenience and efficiency and we service over 80 airports throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Ample parking is available directly in front of the terminal.

An Air West agent will be waiting for you inside the terminal building, and our check-in procedure is streamlined and efficient. After checking your identification and loading your bags, we can have you on-board our aircraft within 5 to 10 minutes of your arrival at the airport. Air West makes every effort to get you into the air as quickly and efficiently as possible. In most cases, we will have you airborne within 20 minutes of your arrival at the airport. That is the advantage of flying with us out of Boundary Bay.


The Boundary Bay Airport terminal at the offers a variety of services:

  • electric car charging facilities;
  • a licensed restaurant facility;
  • customs services, an ATM;
  • a comfortable waiting area; and
  • wireless internet for your convenience.

Daytime parking in the terminal parking lot is free and Air West Charters offers complimentary overnight parking for our customers.

Boundary Bay Airport