Business Travel

Enhance Business Efficiency 

At Air West, we understand the importance of efficiency and security for busy business professionals. Our flight charters will maximize your time and boost your company’s productivity by allowing you to stick to strict schedules and respond to competitive opportunities without unnecessary delays or overnight costs.

Increase Productivity

Our aircraft cabin is configured in club-seating with built-in tables and individual lighting, making it convenient and ideal to work or hold meetings while in the air. 

Efficient and Flexible

We pride ourselves on providing reliable and stress-free private travel, so you can fully focus on crucial work and important commitments.


At Air West, we fully respect your privacy and we will never share information regarding you, your guests or your destination.

Performance & Value

Due to its excellent performance and economic value, the King Air is an ideal choice for corporate use. All of our crew are committed to providing our guests with professional first-class service.

Air West Passengers

Well suited for:

  • Executive Travel
  • Corporate Events
  • Meeting Commutes
  • VIP Transportation
  • Employee Incentive Programs
  • Business Development

Air West Charters vs Airline?

When the distance is too far to drive in order to attend a conference, or to meet with staff and customers, its time to decide whether to travel by airline or Air West Charters. Companies that consider both options look at the question from all sides and then choose based on the answer that saves time, money or both.

What should I consider?

Several factors affect overall travel costs, including how many people are travelling, the average wage of those travelling, the prices of airline tickets, hotel costs, rental car rates, and per diem reimbursement. The time of travel makes a difference too. Two weeks notice to the airlines can reduce airfares, but planning a trip at the end of the week, or during peak travel periods, could cost $1,000 more per person in airline tickets alone. Air West offers fixed cost convenience and flexibility – you fly on your schedule.

Fixed costs

  • Airline Tickets
  • Hotel
  • Rental Car
  • Meals

Indirect costs

Lost productivity of top earners due to:

  • Lengthy waits at the airport
  • Travel time to reach your final destination 
  • Additional travel days to align with airline flight schedules

The following example of four employees travelling from Vancouver to Perry Creek Coal Mine, BC, (return) demonstrates how the indirect costs of airline travel can add up fast.

Case Study

Map for Perry Creek Coal Mine

Travel Time

Airport Wait Time

Flight Time

Driving Time

Total Travel

Travel Days

Air West Charters

30 min

4 hrs

40 min

5 hrs 10 min


Commercial Airliner

2 hrs 0 min

3 hrs 20 min

4 hrs 24 min

9 hrs 44 min


When travelling by airline, it often takes an entire day of travel to reach your final destination. Air West offers more efficiency by serving more regional airports which allow for more direct routings.

In our Perry Creek example, Air West Charters worked out to be approximately $2,330 cheaper in large part due to the reduction in lost productivity. 

Travel Costs

Air West Charters

Commercial Airliner







Rental Car






Per Diem



Productivity Loss



Fatigue costs first day after travel



Total Costs



Of course, financial models can only calculate so much. They can’t project the costs of lost business deals when added travel time limits the number of opportunities team members can pursue. Those same models can’t calculate cost savings that come when companies are able to retain top earners by reducing time away from family and other personal goals. It’s also impossible to quantify the ease of conducting confidential business in private en-route.

Most executives agree traveling two fewer days in an already-packed schedule is an invaluable advantage for any employee. Rather than default to a particular travel option, most companies that use business aircraft adopt responsible travel policies. They analyze each trip on its own merits and choose the option that makes most sense for profits and productivity.