Our Aircraft

King Air C90 

Air West Charters operates the King Air 90 series aircraft which offers executive class comfort at a reasonable rate. The King Air is one of the most well-respected aircraft types with a remarkable safety record. When Beechcraft first introduced the King Air, it was the first aircraft in its class and revolutionized executive and leisure aviation. Attesting to its performance and reliability, it’s the only civilian plane of its kind in continuous production since 1964. Having excellent take off and landing performance, the King Air is able to land on short and rough runways, giving Air West access to a wide variety of airports that commercial airlines may not be able to reach.

Executive Class Comfort

Having a 50 per cent larger cabin environment than most ‘very light jets,’ the King Air 90 is a more comfortable aircraft for short-hop excursions. Due to the aircraft’s square-oval cabin design, passengers enjoy ample head and shoulder space. Unlike the new generation of very light jets currently being introduced to the charter market, the King Air 90 has a spacious cabin layout that can carry six adult passengers with all their luggage.

King Air Value

Its comparatively low operating costs and spacious cabin make it a solid choice for corporate travelers looking for an aircraft capable of flying one-to-two hours non-stop. While the King Air 90 might not have the same high-speed cruising capabilities of competitors in the light jet class, the time differential over a short flight isn’t that significant. Owing to the lower hourly operating costs, even though a flight may last half-an-hour longer than a jet, these short-hop flights are more economical. Thus, the slightly longer flight time will likely be acceptable for all but those with the most demanding travel schedules.

King Air 90 Aircraft


Passengers 6
Baggage Capacity 50lbs/person
Cruising Speed 250kts | 463km/h
Range 800nm | 1480km
In-flight Services
  • Personal Entertainment Tablet
  • Charging Stations

Executive Service

  • In-Flight Entertainment (personal tablets)
  • Snacks and Beverages
  • Comfortable Blankets
  • Optional Catering